Saturday, May 18, 2013

Paint It!!

I found this art piece at the Goodwill...
I have to admit, I was embarrassed 
to be seen buying this painting.
Luckily I didn't run into anyone I knew while toting 
this 3 foot by 5 foot canvas!!

But I knew that the $8 price tag was worth it!!
A canvas of this size at Michaels starts at $80-100...
even with a 40% coupon I would be spending over $50!!
So I decided to keep my eye out for a decent canvas 
on my weekly thrift store visits.

The key is to look for a canvas that isn't creased,
or raised and that doesn't have thick paint texture.
I brought this baby home and set it up for the family to wonder...
Has she gone mad?? Really??
I had a great time watching their reactions to my new purchase!

But after a few coats of primer I was ready to begin!!
A clean slate... so to speak

I marked 2 inch ticks across the top and bottom of the canvas.
Next, I lightly penciled lines across the board. 
I didn't want a uniform look...
so I just started painting lines!
I used opaque acrylic paint but also watered down 
some of the colors to make them more transparent. 

 I knew that I wanted to add lots of color to my painting,
so I began with colors I had and then started mixing them
to make new colors.
I kept adding new colors and changing directions.
 I allowed some paint to run down the canvas,
I liked the look of the streaks.

I also made sure to place contrasting colors next to each other,
and only repeated a few colors.
 A few hours later...
This is what it looked like!!

By the way... everything seen here is also thrifted!!
Buffet ($100) 
Cake plate ($4)
Cloche's ($4-10)
Deer (25 cents)

Because I'm always changing things up...
my art now resides in this reading corner.
You can read more about it here.

 I also added a few new colors...

 Come to think of it...
She needs a good name!!
If you think of one, comment with some ideas
and help me find a name for this colorful piece!!

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  1. Cloche??? I think I had one of those and after I took my medication it cleared up within a week.