Friday, June 19, 2015

Pantry Reveal

{Pantry Makeover}
part three

Here it is...

Our new and improved Pantry Space!!
I promised Kurt I wouldn't go out and buy all new baskets
and containers, so I used what I had on hand.
The only cost to this makeover was the paint.  
You can see the other 2 posts here and here.


This is the view looking straight into the pantry...

... and to the right


I've included a 12 step process to achieving an organized space,
 just in case you are getting motivated 
to make over your own pantry.


STEP 1:  

Take a before picture, so you can see the drastic change when it's all done.  


Designate a spot for a temporary holding area.  
(Just in case you end up sick for 5 days and can't move.)
Take a deep breath and empty everything out. 
Ask a friend to help you out... 
it goes more quickly and is more fun to have a buddy!
Thanks Beth!!


Select your color.  
I matched up the paint to our kitchen island stools.

STEP 4: 

Purchase your paint and begin painting. 
Plan on 2 coats.


Add shelving if you can...
Use all your vertical space.
I forgot to take a picture of Kurt building the shelving.  
He added 3 shelves, one above the window, another across from the window and the third below the top shelf.
(The after pictures of these shelves are shown in STEP 8.)


Paint the shelves.  
We chose a semi-gloss white.


Make a list of your zones.  
Here is  a list of the zones I felt necessary for our family.

Baking Goods
Canned Goods
Oils & Vinegars
Dry Goods
Paper Goods
Teas & Hot Chocolates
Light Bulbs
Cleaning Products
Surplus Goods
Ziplocks, Foil, Seran Wrap
Backpacking Foods
Emergency Kit

STEP 8: 

Purge and Clean.
I filled containers, organized baskets 
and spent time rearranging to fit all my zones. 
I tossed most of my cookbooks since I use the internet to find recipes (and I don't cook! :)
I also recommend getting rid of boxes.  
They take up more space and don't look as uniform.

Here are the 2 shelves that were added up high 
for items you don't use as often.

The third shelf allows a narrow space for small items.

(Boxed items, surplus bottles, cookbooks and the dog basket.)

Cleaning supplies

STEP 9: 

Add Labels
I wanted to use something that could be changed out easily.
I had these chalkboard sticker labels that worked perfectly. 

I adhered the labels to thick plastic tags for the baskets 
and attached them using twine. 

STEP 10:

Write on your labels using a chalk paint pen.

I used a peel and stick hook for our dog leashes.
We already had the broom holder and plastic bag holder from Ikea, so we made it work.

A long nail works perfect to hang trash bags. 

STEP 11:

Add art work to your space 
(because art needs to be everywhere!!)

STEP 12:

Sit back and enjoy!!
I also recommend showing your family where everything is located in the event that they can't read.
After our first shopping trip I talked (threatened)them through placing items in the correct spot. 

Thanks for allowing me to share my pantry with you!!
A big THANKS to Kurt for helping make this happen 
and to House of Smiths for the inspiration!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pantry TLC (part two)

{Pantry Makeover}
part two

If you follow me on instagram...(@sandybretz), 
I gave a little clue as to the color I chose for the pantry.  
I wanted to go with a bright color, 
something that would pop when you open the door!  
A Pantry Party if you will... :)

Isn't it Groovy??

 It's called "Yellow Groove"

I matched the color to my kitchen stools... 
The stools sit at the kitchen island.  
Besides a few Fiesta pitchers displayed there isn't any other yellow so I decided to add that color to the pantry.  
Kurt wasn't crazy about the color but like a good hubby he let me go with it... I convinced him it was a closet and that you wouldn't even see the yellow once all the supplies were back in.
I'm crazy about the way it turned out!! A Good kinda Crazy!


But before I show you the finished pantry 
I want to share the process...
This is what the empty space looked like.

And this is my kitchen, as it sat for a week while we painted 2 coats,then spent 3 days in bed with a terrible sinus cold and then a few days adding shelves, painting the white and giving it drying time.   

The first coat went on really well and probably would have been ok without the second (since it is a closet and all) but I went ahead and gave it 2 coats for good measure and because I actually enjoy the painting. 

After painting the walls, Kurt came in and added 3 shelves for optimum storage usage and painted the white.  

So here it is... 
She is all ready to be loaded up!  

My next post will be the reveal...
Remember the before??

The after will blow your mind...
I'm pretty happy with it! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pantry TLC

{Pantry Makeover}
part one

Growing up we never had a walk in pantry.  
It was usually a cabinet door with shelving that held food instead of dishes.  
And come to think of it...
 of all the moving I did after moving out of our childhood home 
I can't remember having a formal pantry.  
I never really gave this space much thought.  
Until Kurt and I bought this house 20 years ago.  
I remember opening the closet door and needing to ask what the space was for.  Ahhha!!  Of course... a Pantry!  
Cool!  I like it!!  

And from this point on, I've always had a thing for pantry's... especially a walk-in pantry.  
I've been doing a lot of research on Kitchen Pantry spaces.
You can view my Pantry Pinterest Board here. 

For a couple of years now I've been planning on making over our little food closet.  
Our house is small and so is the pantry.  
It isn't quite a walk in pantry more like a one step pantry.
I also love that it has a window!  Homes build in the 1920's included windows in pantry's and closets. It allows you to see items in natural light. 

I wish I could tell you that I purposefully let this area go and ignored it just so I could get a good before picture... but I didn't! This is what our pantry looked like before.  Don't judge!! ;)

There you have it!! Our messy, disorganized, unappreciated pantry...
This is what happens when you don't have a system! 
There used to be a system, 
but somewhere along the line it became mayhem.  
Survival mode!
Grab what you need and close the door! 
Hope that nothing will fall on you and run!

I definitely felt out of control...
Not quite the pantry of my dreams! 

My dream pantry looks something like this:

You can read all about this pantry here by the amazing 
Shelley and Cason of {House of Smiths}.

So my first step was to empty out the space...
It took about 2 hours to take everything out of the pantry and set it on the kitchen table...

The trap door leads to storage.
We store Christmas decorations up there...

The last time we painted these shelves was 17 years ago...

And this is what our kitchen looks like now!  
Half of this needs to go to the donation center, 
I mean really do I need 30 cookbooks?  
I don't even cook! 
And if on a rare occasion I do decide to try a new recipe I usually consult a cooking website. 


The next step is to paint and add additional shelving space.  
Do you want to guess what color we are painting our pantry?